Friday, 19 December 2014

Doraemon Stand By Me

Sinopsis :
 Nobita Nobi is a boy living in present time. Nobita is always late for school, often bullied by his classmates, Suneo and Giant, and has bad grades because he is always too lazy to study. In the 22nd century, Nobita's descendant, Sewashi, watches Nobita's everyday life along with his cat robot Doraemon. Sewashi decides that Nobita needs help and went to Nobita's timeline along with Doraemon. He reveals to Nobita about his future: Nobita will eventually marry Jaiko, Giant's sister, left his company to start his own business (which fails miserably as it was reduced to rubble and dust thanks to a fire), and his future family will be left in great debt. Sewashi explains that his future family will be very poor and he need to change his way of life to change the outcome. Doraemon refused to help, however, Sewashi forcefully programs Doraemon to stay in the past and help Nobita find happiness. Everytime Doraemon tries to go back to the future, he will be electrocuted.
Doraemon introduces his gadgets to help Nobita change for the better. After seeing Shizuka Minamoto, also one of Nobita's classmate whom Nobita really likes, Doraemon decides that Nobita marrying Shizuka is the best way to ensure Nobita's happiness. Nobita loses confidence when he sees his classmate, Dekisugi talking to Shizuka, as Dekisugi possesses many qualities Nobita doesn't have. Doraemon traps Shizuka in one of his gadgets the 'Imprinting Egg', an egg which allows whoever in it to fell in love with the first person they sees. The plan backfires as Shizuka came out from the egg and sees Dekisugi instead. Doraemon managed to reverse the process, but Shizuka became impressed with Dekisugi, as he also wants Shizuka to like him but not with a gadget's help. Nobita loses hope and decides to change by start studying, but instead he studied the wrong subject before the test. Nobita finally decides to give up Shizuka for good, which Shizuka mistakes by thinking that Nobita is about to commit suicide. Nobita drinks a potion to make Shizuka feel disgusted, but drinks to much and made the whole house feel disgusted with him. Shizuka instead manage to get through the potion's effect and helps Nobita. After the incident, Doraemon shows Nobita a picture of adult Shizuka spanking a boy that resembles Nobita.
Nobita and Doraemon watches Shizuka's future through a Time Television. The future Nobita refuses to go on a hiking trip with Shizuka, and Shizuka went with her friends, but got separated during a snowstorm. Nobita transforms into his adult version using Doraemon's time blanket and travels to the future to help Shizuka. They both find shelter in a nearby cave, but Shizuka passed out from a cold she received from future Nobita. Nobita encourages himself to remember this memory, and future Nobita came to Nobita's rescue. They both took Shizuka to a hospital and the child Nobita told the future version of himself that Shizuka answered yes. Future Nobita explains that he proposed to Shizuka but never got any answer until that point. Doraemon and Nobita traveled to the day before Nobita's wedding (which future Nobita later realized that the wedding is still tomorrow after rushing to the hotel wearing a tuxedo). They both used a gadget to help future Shizuka expressed her heart to her father. Shizuka tells her father that she doesn't want to go on with the wedding as she feels that she is just a mere burden to her family. Shizuka's father assures her that Shizuka already gave him many great thing since the day she was born, and she should be happy marrying a man like Nobita. Nobita and Doraemon decides to travel back to present time. Nobita expresses his happiness by flying with Doraemon's gadget, Doraemon cries as his programming ends and must return to the future in 48 hour.
Doraemon explains to Nobita that he will be leaving and told him to start believing in himself instead of relying in gadgets. Nobita later ran away and got in a fight with Giant.Nobita is heavily beaten, however, he stoods up and tries to fight until he wins. Giant eventually grows tired and tells Nobita that Nobita won the fight. Doraemon sees this and took Nobita home, staying with him until the next day. During April fools day, Giant tricks Nobita into thinking Doraemon has returned. Nobita became furious and decides to get even using Doraemon's gift: a potion that turns Nobita's words into lies. Suneo got bitten by a dog, and Giant is dragged home by his mother. Nobita returns home and says that Doraemon will never return, however Doraemon quickly returns as Nobita's words turns into lies. They both hug and cries in happiness.

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